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Buy agriculture drones and accessories from our factory and get delivered within 30 days!

Buy agriculture drones and accessories from our factory and get delivered within 30 days!

Agriculuture Drone JT-404QC

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The JT-404QC drone is a battery-powered multirotor drone designed for agricultural applications in variety of environments and terrains, including terraces, fields, forests and orchards. It is dust-proof, water-proof and made of anti-corrosive materials. The drones also include industry-leading flight control system and three operation modes: attitude (ATT), GPS and AB point, can spray in various terrain. The remote controller features a range of controls for navigation, flight and spray While the drone does all the hard work in the fields, you keep full control over it in the palm of your hands.

Precautions Before First Flight

  • Remote controller and drone batteries are fully charged.
  • Every part is in good condition. 
  • Propellers are in good condition and been unfolded. Frame arms are unfolded and
    the screws are firmly tightened. 
  • There is nothing obstructing the motors. You can test the motors on the ground to
    see if they are running in right direction. 
  • Spraying system is without any blockage and works properly. 
  • Calibrate Compass(GPS) and accelerometer (IMU) before first flight, after long way
    transportation/crash/big vibration, and calibrate GPS again at new flight location 5km

Observe Local Laws and Regulations

  • DO NOT fly in the No Fly Zones, must comply with local laws and regulations. 
  • Fly in open areas and control flight height below 50 m, maintain lines of sight. 
  • Calibrate GPS before flight and fly with

Drone Body

first drone body

Remote Controller

Remote controller is H12 and the maximum transmission distance is 1.5 km. The drone remote control system operates at 2.4 GHz- 2.483 GHz. The remote controller features a number of spraying system control functions to help complete

Remote controller has inner datalink, can work with autonomous flying APP perfectly. All data has been set up in advance before delivery, please DO NOT change any data
of RC. We are not responsible for the results because of changing the remote

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It can be charged with normal charger of phone. Connect to the 2A-5V to charge.

Optional Features

1. Integrated night job indicator + camera (FPV function)

FPV is used to observe the situations ahead of the drone in real time. Configured with 8W 120 degree wide-angle night job indicator. Maximum transmission distance is 1.5 km (without obstacles).

2. Terrain following radar

first drone radar

The terrain following radar module uses millimeter-wave radar technology. Through the uninterrupted scanning of the radar, the drone can sense the terrain changes in the flight direction, and adjust the flight altitude according to the terrain and crop height in time to realize the imitation flight to ensure uniform spraying during flight. . The radar module has stable detection performance and good environmental applicability. It has strong anti-interference ability, is not affected by light, and has a long detection range. It has all-weather all-day characteristics.

3. Obstacle avoidance radar

The obstacle avoidance radar module is mainly used to measure the relative distance between the drone and the obstacle in front of the flight, so as to effectively avoid obstacles. The obstacle avoidance radar adopts 24GHz radar technology, which can work around the clock in strong light, high temperature, fog, dust, wind and night. The sensitivity is high, the detection distance is long, the signal transmission is fast and stable, and the cable can be detected more than 1cm. Wires, small trees of 10cm trunks, 1.7m tall people and 15cm poles provide excellent obstacle avoidance for
high-speed drones, making them ideal for plant protection drones operating in outdoor complex environments.

4. Granule spreader

The granule spreader can be used for spreading seed or granule fertilizer, achieve a dual purpose of the drone.


You will find more in the user manual after purchase. Click here to purchase the Agriculuture Drone JT-404QC.

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