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Buy agriculture drones and accessories from our factory and get delivered within 30 days!

Buy agriculture drones and accessories from our factory and get delivered within 30 days!

How to choose the best drone that suits your need?
With an almost unlimited number of options for a large variety of use cases, equipping and buying the right drone, can be a daunting and confusing challenge. Whether you need to buy one or multiple drones, for business or personal use, our drone buying guide will help you make a wise, informed purchasing decision. To choose the right Drone that suits your needs you should consider these 5 points:

1. Purpose of Buying the Drone

This part consists of identifying what the drone will be used for. Drones can be used for different purposes. We have listed 3 categories of drone:

Amateur Drones: these are the drones used by children and beginners. They can be with or without camera according to your choice. They are good looking. Some of them are programmed with smart moves like flips. We have the best hobbyist drones on our website. Below are some good amateur drones:

Standard Drones: These are the drones for everyone. They can be used for all purposes, for photos, for videos, and for entertainment. However, they differ from their prices. Some can be cheap and other expensive. For people who would like to buy professional drones but are financially limited can use the best standard drones. We have selected the best standard drones on our website. Below are some good standard drones:

Professional Drones: High level drones for high purposes. They are used for surveillance, videography, photography, construction site map, agriculture, aerial images and videos, and entertainment. You can check them on our website. Below are some good professional drones under $500.

Now that you know the purpose of your drone, how to choose the right one? Of course, you can choose one recommended on our website, but for the purpose of this blog, the second point to look at is the camera quality if you buy a drone with camera.

2. Camera Quality of the Drone

When you buy a drone online, in the drone description, you see something like: 720P, 1080P, 2K, 4K, 6K,…They all represent the resolution of the camera. Know that 4K = 4000P (4000 pixels)

If you zoom in on a video several times, you will probably find small spots which are the pixels of the image.

Resolution determines the details in an image and influences the quality of a video. For videos of the same size, the higher the resolution, the more realistic and detailed the image.

•What is the best resolution?

Like you may expect, the best resolution for drones will ultimately depend on your needs.
Let's see the most popular drone resolution:

720P Resolution means 1280 pixels in the horizontal position and 720 pixels in the vertical position. We use 720P resolution on video sites. 720P resolution is a minimum resolution for HD videos.

1080P Resolution, also called HD resolution, is actually 1920 x 1080 resolution. This means that there are 1920 pixels in the horizontal position and 1080 pixels in the vertical position. For most devices, 1080P size provides more realistic images.

The 2K Resolution has more than 2000 pixels in the horizontal position. The 2560 x 1440 and 2048 x 1080 resolution are commonly used. Many drones use 2K resolution technology. What should be noted is that 2048 x 1536 and 2560 x 1600 resolution are a type of 2K resolution.

4K Resolution (4096 x 2160) has roughly 4096 pixels in the horizontal position. This resolution provides an image resolution 4 times that of 1080P size. Of these four resolutions, 4K video is the most accurate

* Remember that the higher the resolution, the more realistic and detailed the image and video.

The best affordable drones in each resolution:

2K Resolution

4K Resolution

6K Resolution

3. Battery Life of the Drone

It's disappointing to fly a drone and after 10 minutes the battery dies. For a good experience we recommend you to choose a drone starting from 25 minutes battery life. All the drones recommended on our website start from 26 minutes of battery life. Click here to check them. Below are some good ones:

4. Distance of the drone


Before buying a drone, be sure you are aware of the distance of the drone. Here are some height distance drone: