Agriculture Pesticide Load Drone 20L 20KG Electrostatic Agricultural Spraying Fertilizer Sprayer Drones


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JOYANCE drones have been widely using for crop protection, mosquito control, and public disinfection.

Plantations: rice, corn, sugar cane, soybean, flower, coffee, vegetables, banana, fruit trees.
Chemical use: liquid pesticide, herbicide, foliar fertilizer, fungicide, insecticides, etc.
Sprayer Drone adopts low volume technology, the pesticide droplet diameter is only 50~200um, has better atomization and penetration effect, save 90% water and 20% pesticides use.
High Efficiency: One drone can cover 50~70 hectares field per day.
Compared with plane, tractor and hand-held sprayers, drone sprayer is more efficient, reduce water & pesticides use, has less drift, keeps people away from heat-stroke and chemical poisoning.

Product Parameter


20 liters
Spraying width:
≥ 7~8m
Spraying efficiency:
≥ 9~11 hectares/hour
2pcs 6s 23000mAh Li-po battery
4pcs centrifugal nozzles
Fold size:
Spread size:
Charge time
40 minutes full charge 2 batteries
Fly Time
10-15 minutes


1. How long can the battery fly?
2pcs batteries can fly for 10-15 minutes.
2. How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
About 40 minutes to full charge 2 batteries and charge 2 by 2 automatically
3. How many batteries are needed for a whole day’s continuous spraying?
For continuous spraying, we recommend 12 batteries and 2 chargers
4. Do you provide training?
Yes, we provide 3 days’  free training online or in China

Product Feature


1. Autonomous Flight:
Mark waypoints on Google map, program flight routes in the App, the drone will fly automatically according to the routes. The flight routes can be saved in the account for next time use.

2. Cloud Service: the spraying datas can be uploaded to cloud service platform with internet connection, and the administrator can monitor all the drones registered in this system in real time.
3. Obstacles Detection: the Millimeter wave radar on the front of drone can detect if there are any obstacles in front and stop drone flying forward to avoid any possible crash.

4. Intelligent Spraying: the spray flow can be automatically adjusted by chemical volume per hectare and fly speed.
5. Break-point Record: When the chemical runs out the drone will record break-point and continue spraying after refill.
6. Terrain Following: the Millimeter wave radar can detect the distance between drone and ground/crop surface and automatically adjust flight height to keep constant distance between drone and crops surface to get even spraying.

Main Parts


Brushless Motor
Waterproof & Dustproof
Waterproof level IP67
With self-cooling system
Work continuously for 12 hours/day


Centrifugal Nozzle

Droplet diameter of 50~200um
Better atomization effect
Better penetration
Spray more evenly
Not easy to be blocked


Aviation Aluminum Folding Joint

Firm and durable, not deformed.

Carbon fiber drone arm with diameter 40mm, thickness 2.0mm
Suitable for heavy duty work
Long service life


Carbon Fiber Propeller

Foldable during transport

FOC integrated power system


Granular Spreader

The drone can spray both liquid chemical and spread seed/solid fertilizer/granule


Carbon Fiber Frame

Light and durable,
2.5mm thick plate,
40mm diameter tube

Other Models


JT32L-606QC (32 lts)

Big capacity sprayer drone with smart battery and detachable tanks, cover 15 Ha per hour


JT16L-606QC (16 lts)

Quick Coupler/Detachable 16L Agriculture Sprayer Drone with smart battery and GPS


JT24L-606HB (24 lts Hybrid drone)

24 liters, hybrid drone, quick detachable tank, 30 minutes fly time, 10m spray width, cover 15 Ha per hour