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Buy agriculture drones and accessories from our factory and get delivered within 30 days!

Buy agriculture drones and accessories from our factory and get delivered within 30 days!

JT30L-606 Fertilizer Spraying Drone


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The Details of sprayer drones
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Advantages of agriculture sprayer drones
1. Materials of drone frame: Aluminum alloy drone center board frame and carbon fiber tubes, light weight, more durable.

3. Super Power system : – 6 pcs X9 Plus FOC power system, with 45mm carbon fiber tubes. Motors have enough redundancy to support more than 30L.


4. Smart batteries and smart charger : – 1 pc 14s 28000 mAh smart batteries:They have inner intelligent voltage manage system, to show remaining voltage and cycles use in app. Waterproof IP 53. They have over current protection circuit and temperature shutdown circuit. – 1 dual-channel 3000W 6055P smart charger: can quick charge and protect batteries effectively.


5. Two brushless water pumps for 30L drone sprayer. Brushless water pumps can be used for more than 500 hours, which are 3-5 times longer than ordinary water pumps , this is will reduce maintenance cost. Voltage range: 12-14V Max flow: 2 * 5L/min Waterproof: IP 68 After finishing spraying, it can be washed with water directly to reduce pesticide corrosion.

Q1. Are you sprayer drone factory?
A1: Yes, we are a professional manufacturer of agricultural spraying drones: sprayer drone, spreader drone, fogger drone, and biological control drone.
Q2. Is uav sprayer drone ready to fly?
A2: Yes. Before dispatch, JOYANCE will assemble the agriculture drone, set parameters and test flight in the field, ensure that all the drones are 100% qualified and ready to fly.
Q3. What’s your MOQ of agricultural drone?
A3: MOQ ≥1.  More than 100 units order is available. Besides, we are looking for dealers and agents all over the word. Welcome to contact us for more.
Q4. What’s the delivery time of sprayer drone?
A4: 2-3 days for one, please contact us for mass order.


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